[Foundation] [VOTE] Accept Tessel as a Dojo Foundation project?

Dylan Schiemann dylan at dojotoolkit.org
Mon May 11 01:11:11 EDT 2015

Voting is now closed.

Including my vote, the results are as follows:

14 Yes (+1)
0 Abstain (0)
0 No (-1)

Per the voting guidelines, congratulations to Tessel, the newest
project accepted into the Dojo Foundation!


on 5/6/15, 04:28 (GMT-07:00) Dylan Schiemann said the following:
> Overview
> -------------
> We, the undersigned, propose that the Dojo Foundation become the hosting
> organization for Tessel, including all trademarks, software, and
> hardware designs. The project is documented in detail at
> http://tessel.io, with the code hosted at https://github.com/tessel .
> Details
> -------------
> Tessel is an accessible, open source platform for building internet
> connected devices using high level languages and modular hardware
> components. Tessel makes embedded development as simple as deploying a
> web app to the cloud but also allows developers to dive through the
> layers of abstraction into low-level microcontroller details. The Tessel
> platform will become the first open source hardware & software project
> driven entirely by contributors rather than a company.
> Tessel's architecture features a central computation and networking base
> board which exposes 10-pin ports for standard Tessel peripherals to plug
> into. The 10-pin port features a standard interface (essentially a
> "hardware API") that virtually any microcontroller sensor can plug into.
> Existing peripherals include the Accelerometer, Ambient Light & Sound,
> Climate, RFID, and GPS Modules.
> Users interact with Tessel through a command line interface, not unlike
> Heroku. The interface allows you to list available Tessels on Wifi or
> USB, connect Tessels to different networks & create access points, and,
> most importantly, deploy code.
> Tessel 2 was announced in March of 2015 and is expected to ship in
> August 2015. Tessel 2 and Modules will be fabricated, sold, and
> fulfilled by a manufacturer in China. Royalties will be funneled into
> the project to fund new modules, new Tessel editions, and community
> events. Tessel 2 also introduces USB modules such as 3G/4G dongles, BLE
> Dongles, and Webcams.
> The Tessel project will have an open governance structure to enable more
> contributors to get involved and to provide the project clear direction.
> The Tessel project will require the Dojo Foundation CLA for all future
> contributions, and will verify that all existing code is retroactively
> contributed under the Dojo Foundation CLA.
> License
> -------------
> All code contributions have and are required to be dual-licensed under
> the MIT license and the Apache License 2.0 (with its patent grant).  All
> hardware designs have and are required to be dual-licensed under
> CC-BY-SA and/or Solderpad.  All documentation and code samples have and
> are required to be licensed under CC0.
> Project Leads
> -------------
> Tim Ryan & Jon McKay are the project leads.
> The Measure:
> -------------
> Having performed all due diligence, shall the Dojo Foundation accept the
> assets, liability, and goodwill of Tessel and sponsor Tessel in an
> ongoing fashion?
> Further, shall the Foundation accept the members of the Tessel team as
> committers on this new project and therefore as voters on Foundation
> matters?
> Voting rules
> --------------
> * in order to vote, you must be a committer on a Dojo Foundation Project
> * voting will take place on this mailing list, via email. Respond to
> this message with a "+1" or "-1" in the body of the message.
> * a simple majority of votes cast wins the election
> * voting will remain open for 48 hours from the posting if this message,
> as defined by when the message is shown to have been received by list
> archiving software like gmane.
> * keep it clean. If you don't like the idea, vote, don't flame.
> Please send objections to the rules to this list. If enough objections
> are filed (more than 3), the vote will be canceled, new rules
> formulated, and a new vote taken.
> If you are not sure of your eligibility to vote or would like to cast
> your vote in private, please email me directly.

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