[Dojo-interest] File Uploader in Widget

Josh Trutwin josh at trutwins.homeip.net
Fri Nov 13 15:50:19 EST 2009

Hi - I'm trying to create a file uploader widget inside another
custom widget.  First question - I'm wondering if this is the right
way to use startup().

The widget has this in its template string:

<span dojoAttachPoint="uploaderNode">Attach a File</span>

and this for startup():

startup: function() {
  props = { uploadUrl: '/foo', etc.... };
  this.fileUploader = new dojox.form.fileUploader(
     props, this.uploaderNode

It seems to be working but for some strange reason my button text is
just "Attach" instead of "Attach a File".  Should I be using
postMixInProperties() instead of startup?  This kind of widget
writing is new to me...

Also, is it possible to use an image for the upload button? - say
something like this:

<span dojoAttachPoint="uploaderNode"><img src="/attach.gif"></span>

This doesn't seem to work - get blue rectangle instead of the image.

I tried some of the CSS stuff on the FileUploader page in campus
using background-image but cannot seem to get it working correctly....

Thanks for any pointers, FileUploader looks like a really nice widget
so far.  

FYI: Dojo 1.3.2


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