[Dojo-interest] djConfig.isDebug (Firebug Lite) not working in Dojo 1.4

Mike Wilcox mwilcox at sitepen.com
Sun Dec 13 08:22:39 EST 2009

The detection for it had gotten too complicated, what with IE8, IE7  
with/wo a console (and the fact that it's not there until the dom  
loads) and Safari's Introspector.

I had something like forceFirebugLite I think - but then I got  
complaints that it was not clearly defined or something.

On top of this, there was a big discussion on whether we would have a  
custom debug space in dojox and support that, along with extension  
(this has not taken off).

But mainly, the FBL detection in 1.3 was poor and it threw occasional  
errors and would open FBL when you didn't want it to.

I just now tried doing this:

	(dojo.config.forceFirebugLite) || (
	!dojo.isFF &&								// Firefox has Firebug
	(!dojo.isChrome || dojo.isChrome < 3) &&
	(!dojo.isSafari || dojo.isSafari < 4) &&	// Safari 4 has a console
	!isNewIE &&									// Has the new IE console
	!window.firebug &&							// Testing for mozilla firebug lite
	(typeof console != "undefined" && !console.firebug) && //A console  
that is not firebug's
	!dojo.config.useCustomLogger &&				// Allow custom loggers
	!dojo.isAIR									// isDebug triggers AIRInsector, not Firebug

This works, and I recommend that you hack your local copy to do that.  
But this is not ideal to commit, because if you have Firebug open, FBL  
will try to overwrite console and throw a setter error. So it would  
require even *more* detection.

So I'm afraid this will have to be a "can't fix" for now. Someone is  
working on a really nice replacement for FBL (or maybe a addon custom  
logger, not sure) and hopefully he will commit it soon. That should be  
a little more versatile.

Mike Wilcox
Software Engineer
SitePen, Inc.

On Dec 13, 2009, at 7:03 AM, Hendy Irawan wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just downloaded Dojo 1.4 and the first thing I noticed is that  
> setting
> djConfig "isDebug: true" no longer activates Firebug Lite.
> I've been using isDebug/Firebug Lite in Dojo 1.3.2 marvelously for  
> various
> purposes. What's going on?
> Using Firebug extension in Firefox works just fine.
> Thank you.
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