[dojo-contributors] Dojo 1.9 Proposal

Kitson Kelly me at kitsonkelly.com
Wed Oct 24 16:48:02 EDT 2012

For anyone interested, I committed my first cut of IndexedDB:

It isn't complete yet (doesn't support any sort of query), but it was a bit
more complicated than I anticipated, mostly due to the async nature of the
API.  I convert the different requests to promises, which works quite well.
 Also because the API has a "ObjectStore" on top of a "Database" that made
things slightly more complex.  Coupled with the fact there is still a
significant API difference between Chrome 11-22 and Firefox, it was all a
bit not straight forward to normalise it.  Chrome 23 finally matches the
Firefox API, but it was still frustrating getting the basic
add/put/get/delete functionality working on both browsers.

I am still thinking something like "Sync" will be the mechanism to "wrap" a
Memory store and local persistent storage.
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