[dojo-contributors] Dojo Toolkit 2.0 Packages and Distributions

Kitson Kelly me at kitsonkelly.com
Wed Oct 17 10:47:46 EDT 2012


As discussed a few weeks ago, I indicated that I would continue to start
throwing some stakes in the ground around Dojo Toolkit 2.0, while Rawld
worked on gathering the *raison d'être* for Dojo Toolkit 2.0.

In that vein, I have progressed what was originally a wiki
plan.dojotoolkit.org and migrated it into a more readable Google Document
as well as progressed some of the thinking around this based on various
conversations over the past several weeks.  The purpose of the document is
to lay out how we package and distribute Dojo Toolkit 2.0.  The document is
available here:

Dojo Toolkit 2.0 Packages and

Again, while I have tried to be faithful to other people's thoughts and
ideas, the document represents, at this point, only my thinking and so any
errors or omissions are my own and not intended to offend or disappoint.
 The document is intended to live and breath, but be a repository for what
our thinking is on this particular aspect and help us all identify "where
does this fit in 2.0".

As usual, I am more than glad to open the document up to anyone wishing to
edit and contribute to it.  Everyone should be able to comment, but
feedback here on the mailing list, during the weekly meeting or directly is
also welcome.


P.S. While there is some concern around using Google Documents, at the end
of the day, it is much easier to read and edit than a wiki and it does
track changes and provide an audit trail, which are the two biggest reason
for considering a wiki for these types of documents.
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