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Kitson Kelly me at kitsonkelly.com
Tue Oct 16 09:47:20 EDT 2012


Dylan mentioned this that he would like to see some functionality along
this line in Dojo 1.9.  After having recently dug into a few things in the
related area, I feel comfortable enough bringing forward a proposal for
dojo/store/WebStorage for Dojo 1.9.

dojo/store/WebStorage would provide an interface to HTML5's Web Storage API
(http://dev.w3.org/html5/webstorage/).  This would provide the same API
interface as dojo/store but in addition provide a mechanism (yet to be
determined) to allow management of local and remote persistence of data, so
the end developer could seamlessly integrate with the storage, including
supporting an offline mode, without having to worry about the specific
details of the implementation.

This may require enhancements to dojo/store/Cache, as the mediation
mechanism might be best placed within there to figure out how objects are
persisted between stores.  So in theory, something like the following would

require(["dojo/store/JsonRest", "dojo/store/WebStorage",
function(JsonRest, WebStorage, Cache){
  var jsonStore = new JsonRest({
    target: "/items/"
  var webStore = new WebStorage({});
  var store = new Cache(jsonStore, webStore, { ... });

The plan would be for me to work with Kris Zyp (and others) and be informed
by Persevere <http://www.persvr.org/>.

Feel free to provide any thoughts/feedback on the proposal and I will be
prepared to discuss further during the weekly meeting.

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