[dojo-contributors] what is the raison detre for dojo 2.0.

Rawld Gill rgill at altoviso.com
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Agree completely. My main reason for bringing up JQuery yesterday was because there are lots of people who think JQuery is easier than Dojo for certain tasks and have therefore selected JQuery over Dojo. I want to understand why that perception exists. And that question applies to any competing library that purportedly does something better than Dojo and has convinced a significant set of customers as such.

If the reason is "we can't do what library X does because it implies a penalty to do something we really care about", then that is at least rational. But I have yet to see an example of such a penalty.


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I'm sorry to be a pia, but can you/anybody please give a couple of examples of things we should *not* concern ourselves with. Or, equivalently, areas where we should *not* compete.

My opinion, which I think others maybe getting at is that we shouldn't be driven by where we are at relative to other toolkits.  We should be driven by what we technically need to create the applications we consider our "target market".  I know you aren't specifically arguing competing feature by feature against others, but I think in a way that maybe what people are hearing.

It is always good to "sense check" against the others, look at what they are doing right and wrong. But if the main driving force for having an easy to access DOM manipulation API is because JQuery has one would be wrong.  We should have an easy to access DOM manipulation API because it is needed to build complex, well structured JavaScript applications.  It is also needed to hack together a website, but again, that shouldn't be our motivating raison d'être.

Having features, functionality, APIs to complete against others is not of interest to me personally.

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