[dojo-contributors] what is the raison detre for dojo 2.0.

Sasha Firsov suns at firsov.net
Thu Oct 11 13:32:52 EDT 2012

On 2012/10/11 9:12 AM, Mike Wilcox wrote:
> In the same vein, Dojo has a severe lack of feedback. Everything else has logging. The build tool has logging! Why does Dojo not have logging?
I guess due to lack of "enterprise" approach. Which in addition to logs 
includes practice of ASSERTS, TRACES, functional and troubleshooting 
logging chains. Also intelligent profiler and calls analyzer.
In approach of "toolkit" it will never appear. You need to think 
"application" life cycle. A heavy one.
There is a resistance to go this way. It is understandable - why. Who 
will be implementing a such "overhead"? It cost $. A lot...


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