[dojo-contributors] what is the raison detre for dojo 2.0.

Sasha Firsov suns at firsov.net
Thu Oct 11 13:20:46 EDT 2012

On 2012/10/11 9:44 AM, Tom Trenka wrote:
> we have the perfect opportunity to refine our messages to that effect 
> and start making it clear that the Dojo Toolkit is *not* just for 
> enterprise-level apps.  Make sense?
Not at all. You trying to blend together completely opposite concepts. 
Simplifying development and support zillions of enterprise-level app 
Please prove me wrong.

Those concepts are opposite to each other. That is why jQuery wins on 
"simple" development and DTK on enterprise one.
The fine-grained modular development(AMD), theme switching, 
localization, etc has a cost of understanding and development 
complexity. Making each level efficient from implementation and 
comfortable from developer point should be our goal. Not simplification 
or trying to adjust to "simple user" needs.

Lets recall what are the requirements of "simple" developer and see that 
many are not applicable to "serious" one.
- shortest code footprint. Tons of tricks to achieve but result is 
mixing together all kinds of stuff making the code not manageable.
- Unified namespace by mashing all modules under same namespace( $.xxx 
). DTK went away far time ago. And even namespaces are deprecated in 
favor of AMD.
- preserving same functional scope/context. As result it allows chaining 
$(...).(...)...  It assumes to carry functional scope through. Not sure 
why exactly it is bad, but something in my guts fill against it.
- absence of complex modules, templates in end developer's life. I.e. 
developer could simply avoid modularization by having single JS 
sufficient to run whole app.
- you add some own

IMO those are not DTK goals. If we clearly distantiate DTK from "simple" 
development it will hurt a bit of marketing. But eventually win due to 
the "serious development" branding.

Just my 2c.

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