[dojo-contributors] what is the raison detre for dojo 2.0.

Bill Keese bill at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Oct 8 04:24:54 EDT 2012

I'm not one for warm and fuzzy conversations, but I will say that I wasn't
expecting any radical changes between 1.x and 2.0, at least for dojo core.
  Obviously we'll drop all our deprecated API's, but I wasn't expecting us
to redo our latest API's yet again, since to paraphrase Eugene, it won't
win the war.   Changes like Colin's suggestion to combine dijit and
dojox.mobile seem valuable to me, but I don't see much point to creating
new API's that do the same thing as the old ones.

Also, I wasn't expecting us to drop support for IE8, although I'd be fine
with telling users they need to load es5-shim (from Kris Kowal) onto their
pages before loading dojo.

Naturally, I'd be interested with any new big ideas such as ruby-on-rails
auto-generation of pages, or server side page rendering etc.   Nothing
really good comes to mind though.    There are things like Maquetta but
they exist outside of dojo.

To answer the raison d'etre question directly (hopefully english rather
than french is ok :-)), I'd say that for both 1.x and 2.0, the purpose is
to support enterprise level applications with a consistent and
cross-browser API.
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