[dojo-contributors] Dojo 1.9 Release Planning

Kitson Kelly me at kitsonkelly.com
Fri Oct 5 05:48:00 EDT 2012

Comments inline below.

On 5 October 2012 09:07, Christophe Jolif <cjolif at gmail.com> wrote:

> For these reasons and before going into more detailed estimation I think
> the following key milestones dates are a better guess:
> BETA 21-MAR-2013
> RC 18-APR-2013
> RELEASE 2-MAY 2013
> (note that I have put a 2 weeks RC which sound a better practice for a
> major release to me but if we stick your 1 week RC, then we end up with
> RELEASE 25-APRIL-2013)
I will update the timelines to coincide with these and think the 2 week RC
makes sense.  I have added milestones for the backporting patch releases
and have kept their RC phase to 1 week.

> A last small note, your document seems to list most of the items in our
> documents. Please note that some of them are not noted as planned for 1.9
> at least on our side (thinking dojox/gfx svgweb upgrade for example) and in
> particular for Dojo mobile we have yet done the triage of what goes in what.
What would be a reasonable timeline to finish this triage?  I tried to copy
out what I thought was tagged to be 1.9.  I will add you as an editor so
anything I may have had incorrect.

> Actually two other small points:
> - a small typo in your doc: dguages -> dgauges
> - Note related to 1.9 per se but I suppose the IE10 support we are listing
> here for IE10 will have to be backported, so we need to account time for
> that as well
I will fix the typo. I will make note that the 1.9 browser support fixes
require backporting to 1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5 and 1.4 and allow for owners to
be assigned to those activities.
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