[dojo-contributors] Dojo 1.9 Release Planning

Christophe Jolif cjolif at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 04:07:42 EDT 2012


Let me first thank you for coming up with that summary document.

If I agree with the overall objectives of the release (in particular that
it should not block actual work on 2.0) I do have a few remarks, in
particular with respect to your estimated milestones. I think what you have
come up with is a bit optimistic. As I hinted at, in the meeting agenda,
considering the relatively limited time we can spend on actual development,
a beta near end of March would be more reasonable. In particular I really
don't think we can be feature complete by Jan 31.

For these reasons and before going into more detailed estimation I think
the following key milestones dates are a better guess:

BETA 21-MAR-2013
RC 18-APR-2013

(note that I have put a 2 weeks RC which sound a better practice for a
major release to me but if we stick your 1 week RC, then we end up with

I'm sure significantly shorter schedules would really put at risk having
enough features in to deserve a release.

A last small note, your document seems to list most of the items in our
documents. Please note that some of them are not noted as planned for 1.9
at least on our side (thinking dojox/gfx svgweb upgrade for example) and in
particular for Dojo mobile we have yet done the triage of what goes in what.

Actually two other small points:

- a small typo in your doc: dguages -> dgauges
- Note related to 1.9 per se but I suppose the IE10 support we are listing
here for IE10 will have to be backported, so we need to account time for
that as well

Thanks again,


Le 4 oct. 2012 à 18:53, Kitson Kelly <me at kitsonkelly.com> a écrit :


At the weekly meeting yesterday, we discussed the need to start firming up
Dojo 1.9.  I indicated that I would be willing to "administer" the process
in order to bring together a plan around the release.  As we have discussed
Dojo 2.0, the realisation is that there is an increasing need to provide
some enhanced functionality in Dojo 1.9.

I am making available a draft document, that currently only contains my
thinking, to start the process of planning:

Dojo Toolkit 1.9 Release

I have tried to accurately detail the 1.9 scope described in the documents
Christophe linked in the
yesterday, plus add the other items of scope that were talked about.  If
there is any additional proposed or candiate functionality, we should get
it into the document.

I would like to re-issue a draft on the 19th October with the final release
of the plan on the 26th October.  Comments can be made here on the mailing
list, to me directly or I will add edit permissions to those who request
it.  If everything goes according to plan, I have suggested a release of
Dojo 1.9 on 6th March (again, based on my estimate, not a confirmed date
until after the planning had concluded).

A few points that I think were generally agreed about the 1.9 Release were:

   - No new modules in DojoX, anything pre-2.0 needs to follow the dgrid or
   gridx model.
   - The desire is not to introduce significant amounts of new
   - Recognise that we will likely be working on 2.0 at the same time as


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