[dojo-contributors] what is the raison detre for dojo 2.0.

Revin Guillen rg at sevenite.com
Thu Oct 4 15:59:33 EDT 2012

For me, the existence of ES5+ as a common base is plenty of raison d'etre for Dojo 2.0 almost by itself. I see Dojo currently as my favorite set of tools for building apps, but for what I work on, I mostly consistently use some particular subset, plus Dijit if it's a Dijit app. I see Dojo as sort of the classic application developer's toolkit--it feels more programmer-y or software development-y and not DOM- or browser-centric; it's not a framework that imposes particular patterns, etc.; just modules that let me do common things in a JavaScript-y way.

With ES5+, "a JavaScript-y way" for many things changes, and I'd like a new Dojo that fits in with this world at a very basic level. It should be informed by the past, but not beholden to it. Dojo 2.0 should be something that will help me build cutting edge apps of the future, unencumbered by legacy browser compatibility.

Dojo 1.x is "of a certain world" with certain constraints; Dojo 2.0 is of a future world. I want Dojo 2.0 to aggressively remove relics and aggressively embrace the future. Track the language proposals, shim whatever possible, put me in Teh Future™.

Anyway, I'm running the risk of just saying fluff without having anything concrete, but that's the general direction I want to see. As I was writing this, James' response came through, and I pretty much agree word for word with what he said. What I *want* is something in line with the second part of his response, and if Dojo itself has to stay in the first part, that's fine. I think what I'm saying is I want tools that are to current web development as Dojo 1.x has been to mid/late-'00s web development: modules and tooling that point the way forward and help me make maximum use of the platform while not forcing me to deal with solved details.

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On Oct 4, 2012, at Oct 4 | 12:38 PM, Tom Trenka wrote:

> Nevermind, I was just informed that this discussion is _specifically_ about DOM/CSS3. Forget I said anything. Carry on.
> To clarify...Rick was taking my admiration for put-selector/put's use of CSS3 selector syntax and misreading the idea of moving to at least ES5 with the commonly used shim.  No worries =)
> -- Tom 
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