[dojo-contributors] what is the raison detre for dojo 2.0.

Sasha Firsov suns at firsov.net
Thu Oct 4 12:32:52 EDT 2012

While the enterprise grade does include your tokens, it has requirements 
of higher level of  abstraction. As support of dev-t life cycle 
beginning from mockups and ending with automated tests over released UI; 
iteration over change sets, integration with project management, 
separation and cooperation between of development layers/teams; support 
for all-tiers localization and so on...
  DTK slowly goes in this direction: layered build, AMD with JS, 
templates and css, visual designer, app structure (mobile at the 
moment), may be few others. Those are tiny steps which are driven by 
customer app and process requirements. Primarily out of DTK design and 
focus. Obviously out of Dojo 2.0 view.

IMO 2.0 has none relation to enterprise grade and fits well in your 
description of toolkit (as opposite to framework). Which is sad. People 
looking for end-to-end solutions and DTK has a chance to give it. A 
little one.


On 2012/10/04 12:21 AM, Kitson Kelly wrote:
>     Dojo 2.0 is a foundation toolkit for creating enterprise grade
>     applications.  It provides a set of APIs and components that
>     bridge the gap between a platforms raw capabilities and the needs
>     of applications in a consistent fashion.  Leveraging only
>     JavaScript for the APIs and components, it does not require a
>     compiler or interpretor.  It also provides other useful tools to
>     aid in the workflow and toolchain of JavaScript based enterprise
>     software development.  This is done in a truly open source fashion
>     with strong governance around clean IP.

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