[dojo-contributors] Tentative agenda for today meeting

Christophe Jolif cjolif at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 10:26:05 EDT 2012


On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 4:05 PM, Adam L. Peller <adam at peller.org> wrote:

> Could your team take another look at
> http://trac.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/15901 whether for 1.8.1 or 1.8.2?
> It's a blocker for Maqetta, and we had to fork the repository to get
> around it.

Maybe Eric will have a different stance on this. But to me from our
past experience this is really not a good idea to load that piece of
JavaScript as an (asynchronous) AMD module (that might change in the
future if we are able to get notified on CSS loading but as of today
this might well end up in initialization nightmare, especially when
running in a container like Cordova) so I'm wondering why Maqetta
seems to be reluctant to use it as recommended which, if I'm not
mistaken, would solve the issue without having to change Dojo?


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