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Kenneth G. Franqueiro kgf at dojotoolkit.org
Mon Oct 24 23:45:54 EDT 2011

FYI, I logged this a couple days ago as

Kris, did you try this as well and see the same result?  I've been
seriously wondering if I'm just missing something.  I had a couple
buddies of mine test their (non-AMD, Dojo 1.6) application at work
against RC1, which involves a custom build with an additional namespace,
and they didn't seem to have this problem.  (I'm seeing the problem even
against RC1, and even if I use legacy dojo.require in a test page.)

This also brings up another question in my mind - is there a change to
how CDN with local modules is supposed to work in 1.7?  (Have we managed
to push any of the RCs to CDN to test?)


On 10/24/2011 11:14 PM, Kris Zyp wrote:
> We recently noticed that in one of our projects (dgrid), that tests work
> fine with the src/trunk version of dojo, but when switching to the
> built/distribution version (dojo-release-1.7.0rc2), all the paths
> resolved differently. With src version, we can load
> /packages/dojo/dojo.js, and loading the module dgrid/Grid will correctly
> resolve to /packages/dgrid/Grid.js, but with the same configuration in
> the built version, it resolves to /packages/dojo/dgrid/Grid.js. Is this
> supposed to work this way? Maybe this was already discussed in one of
> the numerous path discussions, and I missed it, but I didn't realize
> there would be path resolution difference between the src and built/dist
> versions.
> Thanks,
> Kris
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