This is a prototype tool to assist starting a DOH test on an Android WebDriver. The goal is to automate this process into just one form submit.

To start a test:

  1. On your Android device, download the patched WebDriver apk and start it. You will get a black screen that says WebDriver at the top.
  2. Enter the IP of your Android device:
  3. Open the Network tab in the browser's debugger
  4. Press
  5. Enter the number you see in the Network tab for the failed redirect (should look something like 1342108893269 for instance):
  6. Enter the DOH mobileRunner.html URL you want to test (note the loaded plugin at the end):
  7. Press
  8. The test should momentarily start (after ~10s) on the device (if it doesn't load after a minute, repeat the procedure; some times an unbuilt Dojo will time out while the browser is caching everything for the first time.)