FileUploader TabContainer Test

Testing that FileUploader works in Tabs initially shown and initially hidden. See important node below

NOTE: This test shows FileUploader successfully being created in TabContainers, BUT there is a serious limitation in the Flash version for Firefox and Safari. When a node in those browsers is hidden (or essentially repainted which can mean other style applications) the SWF is reloaded. This means that if you browse for a file but don't upload upload it, change the tab and return, the files will no longer be in the FileUploader. This problem can be seen when tabbing between Tab 1 and Tab 2 and observing the console logs and you will see the SWF reinitializes. This problem does not exist in Internet Explorer. The HTML version of the Uploader should also work fine.

This test also shows work around for the problem. View source of this test and see that in Tab 3, the FileUploader is in a separate div floating over the TabContainer. When Tab #3 is shown and hidden, the div is moved off and on screen.