FileUploader CSS Test

All the buttons on this page are either Flash or HTML uploaders. They all should open a file-browse dialog, but otherwise the uploading is non-functional. This page is for testing rendering and layout. This takes a while to render in IE, but it's not a real-world test. NOTE: This test opens a Browse Dialog, but does not upload.

Testing default, markup (don't use a DIV unless you style it, the width is not controlled by default)
Testing float right and left, and using style="" to override class. The buttons should cascade properly when resizing the window.
Text wrapping - FileUploader does not support text wrapping natively, it needs some CSS massaging to make it happen.
Testing Dijit Button for backward compatibility. Use of a dijit button is deprecated and will be removed in 1.5. On the right is the Flash Upload button and on the left a Dijit button for comparison. Note there is a bug getting the hover font style correct.
Testing top-center
Flash Top
Testing bottom-center with 20px bottom padding
Flash Bottom
Testing centered text, wide border and a left margin
Flash Center
Testing left align
Testing background images for HTML and Flash buttons. "GFX" uses three different images, "SPRITE" uses one sprited image with the background-position changed. The uploader doesn't support icons (you can use html in the Flash button, but it's not very good) so this example uses backgrounds with icons in them, and the text shifted with a 55px left padding. All of these buttons are inline.

Testing in a scrolling pane. Also testing . Because we are no longer using an invisible Flash movie using wmode=transparent. The Windows Firefox clickable bug should be fixed (and hopefully some Linux problems).

Testing a
in a scrolling pane. This is really just to see if IE blows up on this as well as the inline test (it does). IE is not liking using innerHTML in a scrolling pane. This should still work however - the button is built outside of the pane and inserted (as well as the previous inline test). This will cause a slower render time.