dojox FileInput widget:

This is a prototype of a dojo input type="file" with a FormWidget mixin, to be styled to match tundra and soria themes

The API is up for discussion, nor is it known to drop into forms and "just work" yet

FileInputAuto API is up for discussion, as well, though by use of the url="" attrib, you can basically do all your file-processing server side, and just use the filename sent that remains in the form input

There are two parts. dojo.require("dojox.form.FileInput") for just the base class, or dojo.require("dojox.form.FileInputAuto"); to provide the Auto Uploading widget (on blur), and the Blind Auto Upload widget.

Both themes are defined in the FileInput.css file, as well as basic styling needed to run

A standard file input:

The default dojox.form.FileInput:

default dojox.form.FileInput, tundra:

dojox.form.FileInputAuto, soria theme:

dojox.form.FileInputAuto, claro theme:

another one, tundra theme (with callback)

dojox.form.FileInputAuto - tundra theme (with callback) - and onchange triggerEvent

a blind auto upload widget, tundra:

dojox.form.FileInputBlind - soria

dynamic, tundra, dojox.form.FileInputAuto: