wtfis dojo?!

The Dojo Toolkit is an
Open-Source javascript library
used for rapid development of
robust, scalable, rich
projects and applications

... with Drag and Drop,
Animations, Ajax, Events
and other goodies.

(all built in)

why dojo?

The reasons to love Dojo
list gets longer every day:

  • Smaller and faster than ever before.
  • No-conflict namspacing built in
  • Accessibility (a11y) tools
  • Internationalization (i18n) tools
  • the Dijit Widget System!
  • The pre-made, supported Dijits
  • Endless extension points
  • Fast CSS3 selector DOM Parsing
  • Automated build/release/compress cycle
  • (For your own code, too.)
  • Cutting edge JavaScript: DojoX
  • Unified SVG/VML/Canvas/Silverlight API
  • Offline browsing with dojox.offline
  • dojox.cometd!
  • A friendly, helpful community
  • Transparently developed codebase
  • and Completely Free to use
  • With liberal (dual AFL/BSD) licensing
  • No Download required to try!
  • The Possibilities are limitless.

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some examples:
demos | tests

get dojo.

current version: 1.6.0
released: March, 2011

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