[Foundation] [VOTE] accept Psych Desktop as a Foundation Sponsored project?

Alex Russell alex at dojotoolkit.org
Tue Apr 22 17:21:20 UTC 2008

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Psych Desktop is an open source web desktop system which provides both  
client and server-side infrastructure for deploying a familiar UI for  
complex information sharing and organization tasks in a web browser.  
It is built on top of the Dojo, using many of Dojo's modules as a base  
for the application framework. Psych Desktop features an extremely  
customizable user interface inspired by the GNOME desktop environment.  
Most of the system is comprised of modular JavaScript while PHP is  
used to implement server-side logic. Future work will likely include a  
re-implementation of the backends in Python, allowing users to use  
either PHP or Python interchangeably.

Psych Desktop implements several powerful dekstop-like idioms  
including a VFS (virtual file system) that allows users to store files  
on the server, and on remote FTP servers. Eventually we will support  
other protocols such as SCP using the browser as a proxy to enable  
connections to users's data wherever it may reside without requiring  
that applications be re-written to accommodate different data access  
protocols. A sound module enables a music player application and other  
audio queues inside the desktop. This module abstracts the various  
approaches to achieving sounds support in a browser including embed  
tags, html5 audio, and flash. Psych Desktop also provides theming and  
nationalization support, allowing users to customize their desktop  
experience to best meet their needs.

The Psych Desktop team is half way done with an alpha2 release.  
Application repositories, similar to Apt/yum/ports, are currently  
being worked on. Numerous features are planned, including: instant  
messaging, file sharing/web publishing, a full-blown office suite,  
authentication against things like LDAP, and much more. Technical  
goals we want to achieve in the future include a RPC-style  
communication method with the option of xhr streaming. Long term goals  
are to support google gears in a way that applications written for the  
desktop do not have to go out of their way to work offline.

The current community is relatively small although we anticipate  
larger uptake once a non-alpha version of the system is released. This  
makes it difficult for us to know what we're doing right. At least one  
community-contributed app (the essential "minesweeper" game) has been  
contributed so far.

The Psych Desktop team feels that they, in addition to meeting user  
goals, can serve as a complex production quality application example  
on top of Dojo 1.x. We anticipate helping Dojo become higher quality  
by giving it direct feedback and have been active in the #dojo IRC  
channel. Psych also will port/donate several modules to Dojo such as  
our sound framework, and a featureful window widget.

At this time, Psych Desktop is going through a brand change, and will  
be known as "Lucid Desktop". As a result the branding, site design,  
and domain name will be changing shortly.

You can find the Psych Desktop site at http://www.psychdesktop.net/,  
and a Trac installation at http://trac.psychdesktop.net/. There, you  
will be able to find out more about the goals of the project as well  
as how it's structured.

CLAs from all project contributors have already been filed with the  
Foundation and we understand the Licensing policies and the implied  
licensing change that acceptance as a Foundation project will entail.

The Psych Desktop team looks forward to working with the broader Dojo  
community to build better user experiences for everyone, no matter  
what their preferred interaction metaphor may be.

The Measure:
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Having preformed all due diligence, shall the Dojo Foundation accept  
the assets, liability, and goodwill of the Psych Desktop project and  
sponsor the Psych Desktop project in an ongoing fashion?

Further, shall the Foundation accept the members of the Psych Desktop  
team as committers on this new project and therefore as voters on  
Foundation matters?

Voting rules:
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	* in order to vote, you must be a committer on a Dojo
	  Foundation Project
	* voting will take place on this mailing list, via email.
	  Respond to this message with a "+1" or "-1" in the body of
	  the message.
	* a simple majority of votes cast wins the election
	* voting will remain open for 48 hours from the posting if this
	  message, as defined by when the message is shown to have been
	  received by list archiving software like gmane.
	* keep it clean. If you don't like the idea, vote, don't flame.

Please send objections to the rules to this list. If enough objections  
are filed (more than 3), the vote will be canceled, new rules  
formulated, and a new vote taken.

If you are not sure of your eligibility to vote or would like to cast  
your vote in private, please email me directly.

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