[Dojo-interest] Enhancement #11800 breaks common UI behavior

Earl Hood earl at earlhood.com
Thu Sep 8 20:19:48 EDT 2016

I am involved in a long-time project that has used Dojo for years.

We have recently noticed the following undesirable behavior: When using a
mouse click a DropDownButton that has a Menu associated with it, one cannot
use the arrow keys to highlight the menu items.

After some analysis, I noticed this changed occurred for Dojo 1.9 (and later
releases), and appears to be backported to a version of 1.8 (1.8.10 has same
behavior as later releases).  Using 1.7.5, the better (IMO) behavior occurs
where one can use the arrow keys as keyboard focus is switched to the menu

Examing the source, it appears the changes for ticket #11800,


is the culprit behind the behavior change.

Comparing with traditional applications, the behavior in 1.7 (and earlier)
is consistent: regardless if menu was raised by a mouse click or a keyboard
event, the keyboard can be used to navigate menu items.  The newer behavior
is not consistent with common practice.

Looking at the description of for #11800, I think the solution adopted goes
contrary to behavior intent.  First line of #11800 description:

  If you right click on a page in Firefox, you get a context menu where no
  item is highlighted. The arrow keys still work; hitting down arrow
  hightlights the first item...

Note that, "arrow keys still work."  With the code changes, they no longer
do so.  I think the original submitter was not asking for arrow key
selection to no longer work, just that there is no initial item highlight.

I am planning on submitting a new bug related this this, but I am wondering
if #11800 should be reopened instead?

Any guidance appreciated,


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