[Dojo-interest] dgrid custom skin

Michael Schall mike.schall at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 17:56:36 EST 2016

I am trying to create a custom skin based on claro.  I really only want to
change the base color away from blue.  I have my "skin" working in dojo
using less, but am having issues getting Stylus working on my machine for
the dgrid skin.

I have stylus installed, but I am having issues with the "nib" require.
I'm new to node/npm, but I can't seem to get this working.

I have looked at the following docs, but there is no help here getting my
environment setup.

I'm on windows and have installed Stylus using:
npm install stylus -g

I tried to pull in the dependencies using:
npm install

But still get the following:
Error: claro.styl:1:10
   1| @require 'nib/gradients';
   2| @require 'nib/vendor';
   4| $dgrid-background ?= #fff;

failed to locate @require file nib/gradients.styl

    at Evaluator.visitImport
    at Evaluator.Visitor.visit
    at Evaluator.visit
    at Evaluator.visitRoot
    at Evaluator.Visitor.visit
    at Evaluator.visit
    at Evaluator.evaluate
    at Renderer.render
    at tryToString (fs.js:414:3)

Does nib need to be installed globally for this to work?

Any pointers would be great!


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