[Dojo-interest] chartist.js in a dojo build

Deno Vichas deno at vichasconsulting.com
Wed Feb 10 02:25:38 EST 2016

hmmm.  maybe the better questions would be - can i use a UMD based
module in a dojo build and if so how?

On 2/9/2016 8:37 PM, Deno Vichas wrote:
> all,
> i'm trying to include a chartist.js in my build.  everything works great
> when things are not built.  i added the package to my dojo config and
> bring the lib in with define within a module. 
> if i use the non minified version in my code it completely breaks the
> build.  if i use the minified version things build but my app doesn't
> work correctly when trying to draw a chart.   i tried adding a
> package.json and package.js to chartist but either i got it wrong or it
> doesn't work.   i'm seeing this in my uncompressed build file
> 'chartist/chartist.min':function(){
> // wrapped by build app
> define(["dijit","dojo","dojox"], function(dijit,dojo,dojox){
> ...
> });
> how do i get this to work? 
> thanks in advance,
> deno


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