[Dojo-interest] dgrid and dstore documentation / reference

Simon Walter simon at gikaku.com
Mon Feb 8 01:57:30 EST 2016

BTW, Ken, I must say that many of your answers on SO have been 
invaluable to me. Thank you and keep up the good work!


On 2016/02/08 12:39, Kenneth G. Franqueiro wrote:
> Have you also looked at doc folder in the repo for dgrid and the docs
> folder for dstore?
> https://github.com/SitePen/dgrid/tree/v1.0.0/doc
> https://github.com/SitePen/dstore/tree/v1.1.1/docs
> Additionally, there are tutorials on dgrid.io and dstorejs.io.
> --Ken
> On 2/7/2016 10:07 PM, Simon Walter wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I am trying to learn about SitePen's new creations. They are very nice
>> so far and I am being productive - at a very very slow pace. It's too
>> slow. I feel that at every turn I want to post something to this list
>> because the "documentation" on github (README.md) is more like a feature
>> list.
>> Do you all just know the code by heart or something? Or is there at
>> least some kind of object reference that will give me a hint of where to
>> look?
>> Kind regards,
>> Simon

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