[Dojo-interest] Problem with dojox/mvc/Templated and DTK 1.10.0 (working fine with 1.9.2)

Akira Sudoh asudoh at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 00:53:00 EDT 2014

Nebulae <gurvan <at> gzc-labs.com> writes:
> Everything is working fine with DTK 1.9.2 (switched back to verify that),
> but with DTK 1.10.0, the "switchNode" isn't transformed at all. The
> "titleNode" is working fine, but the "switchNode" isn't.


It's a known issue. dojox/mvc/at relies on a set of extensions to widget
lifecycle, which is by default done by extending the prototype of _WidgetBase,
but it doesn't work well with some widgets depending on the inheritance chain
created by the C3MRO logic in dojo/_base/declare.

To work around this, you can add mvc: {extensionPerWidget: true} to Dojo
configuration (e.g. data-dojo-config attribute in <script
src="/path/to/dojo/dojo.js">), and call dojox/mvc/atBindingExtension function
against each widgets that you use dojox/mvc/at with. I have created an example
here (make sure looking at "Framework <script> attribute" section in Fiddle
Options): http://jsfiddle.net/asudoh/MXR6L/

Hope this helps.

- Akira

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