[Dojo-interest] Dojox/Widget/Rotator issue with pan transition (no animation)

Eugene Yu eugene at dzhon.com
Thu Jan 16 18:12:52 EST 2014

I've found this issue with pan (and probably with slide) transition when user creates rotator box node as hidden element that when panning through panes, it does not animate panning action but only changes display settings of panes. 

This issue is coming from the constructor function in dojox/widget/rotator it determines the size of its rotator box at the line

cb = _t._domNodeContentBox = domGeometry.getContentBox(node),

since the node is hidden at its construction, rotator size is set to {w: 0, h: 0, r: 0, l:0} and this results in the transition with no animation. 

the workaround found is, which I have not tested yet, set the rotator node with height and width style and put a simple check in the constructor that if domGeometry.getContentBox(node) contains only '0' values then get width and height info via domStyle (margin and padding also) but I'm not sure if it is a correct approach because the original code and workaround code both do not allow user to change the size of the rotator box dynamically. 


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