[Dojo-interest] dgrid ~30x faster than gridx?

cforgeron christopher1976_2 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 16 10:31:34 EST 2014


 First, thanks to all who spend their time on Dojo, I don't want my first
post here to seem like an ungrateful complaint. 

 As I'm working on my first Dojo prototype for a Web UI, I've used both
dgrid and gridx. 

 Research showed them to be similar, so I tried them both, and took a liking
to gridx over dgrid, until I started loading significant data into it.  When
I was dealing with only 700 rows of data, the time to render gridx was

 To make sure I was doing things correctly, I wrote a separate test page to
load gridx into one splitpane, and dgrid into another, sourcing both from
the same local (not server side) memory store, using the same structure. 

 Here is how I create the grids:

        var gridx_grid = new GridX({

            //cacheClass: cacheClass,  // Tried with it on, off, set to
Async, set to Sync
            store: rbr.center_tab[callback_tab].grid_data_store,
            height: 400,
            width: 200,
            structure: shared_grid_structure

        var dgrid_grid = new Grid({
            name: 'dgrid',
            id: 'dgrid',
            columns: shared_grid_structure,
            store: rbr.center_tab[callback_tab].grid_data_store,
            noDataMessage: 'No Data Loaded',
            loadingMessage:'Loading Data...'


 I then coded a few buttons to use performance.now() to capture run times of
the refresh functions for each. This is how I refreshed the grids:

   dgrid_grid.set("store", rbr.center_tab[callback_tab].grid_data_store );


 Multiple runs give me a approx average of 1600ms for a gridx
refresh/render, and 50ms for a dgrid refresh/render

 I know gridx has a model that abstracts the store data, and I expect I'll
have to pay some price for that abstraction, but 30x seems a bit high. 

 I could write up a independent code sample to run this test - right now
it's working on my test data which I can't share. First I wanted to see if
anyone else is noticing this problem, or has any suggestions on where I
could even the playing field. 

 I'm using /dojo/gridx/resources/claro/Gridx.css as the default .css for
gridx, and dojo in general  is using the standard

 Both dgrid and gridx were downloaded this week from the master branches
from github. 

 Thanks for your input. 

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