[Dojo-interest] POSTing JSON data cross-domain using CORS

Kris Zyp kris at sitepen.com
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Are you including Access-Control-Allow-Methods and Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers as well? It would probably be helpful to check the network log, to see what Access-Control-Request-* headers are on the OPTIONS request, as these determine which headers you need to specify on the response.
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Subject: [Dojo-interest] POSTing JSON data cross-domain using CORS

Hello All,

I'm trying to use dojo/request/xhr (version 1.9) to post some JSON data cross-domain.  I expected to have a pre-flight request due to the Content-Type header being set, but find that the request fails even when the server is setting 'Access-Control-Allow-Headers "X-Requested-With"'  The only way I can make it work is to change the Content-Type to "text/plain".  Example code listed below. 

Can someone please help me here?



xhr("http://server.example.com/mapviewer-support/wcd/generateOrder.groovy", {
    handleAs: "json",
    data: JSON.stringify({"value":"testme"}),
    headers: {'Content-Type':'text/plain'},
    //headers: {'Content-Type':'application/json'},
    method: 'POST'
    // Do something with the handled data
  }, function(err){
    // Handle the error condition
  }, function(evt){
    // Handle a progress event from the request if the
    // browser supports XHR2

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