[Dojo-interest] Including AMD jQuery (and plugins) in a Dojo custom build

inghamc chris.ingham at live.com
Mon Apr 8 12:43:54 EDT 2013

Thanks to Christophe Jolif's  developerWorks blog post
I've been able to load jQuery and an AMD-compliant jQuery plugin within a 
section of my HTML page.Now I want to embed that code within a behavioral
dijit to be included in my custom Dojo build, and I'm having some
Where do I execute define.amd.jQuery = true in the build process?  jQuery
won't otherwise load itself as an AMD module.
At runtime I'm getting Error: multipleDefine thrown from dojoLoader
(possibly/probably related to not having define.amd.jQuery?)
With build warnings such as
warn(202) AMD module specified and absolute module identifier that is not
consistent with the configuration and filename        module: jquery/jquery;
specified: jquery
warn(205) Module not tagged as pure AMD yet it contains AMD API
applications.        module: jquery/jquery
warn(209) Missing or empty package.jsonI'm thinking I need to stage a
'jquery' module with package descriptor for jQuery/plugins.  Is this
cjolif's post uses 'jquery' in the require for the library instead of
'jquery/jquery' -- I like the brevity of this, but is there a stronger
convention here? I expect to use 'jquery//pluginname/' for bringing in
AMD-compliant jQuery plugins (which should automatically bring in
I'm seeing jquery(.min).js being pulled into dojo.js(.uncompressed.js), but
not the AMD-compatible jQuery plugin i'm also requireing
With regards to compression/minification, should I be including the
un-minified jQuery in and let the Dojo build minify it?
I'll follow up with what I find in getting this to work, but was hoping to
hear from others that have been down this road, and leave the Internet with
a vetted how-to for future developers wanting to do this.

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