[Dojo-interest] New application: All JsonRest (with Dojo talking to things), OR... not?

Bo Lorentsen bl at lue.dk
Sun May 27 04:44:47 EDT 2012

On 2012-05-27 07:34, John Smith wrote:
> My real question is: this is the picture *I* drew; however, I am sure I only
> have a only partial view of the real picture here. I am sure there is a lot
> here I am missing.
I have been using dojo for about 2 years now and I have been building 
quite large applications, and I have made a combination of the SERVER 
way and the APPLICATION way, using the dojo.data model extensively.

I have modeled my server using the REST idea (and some RPC), and using 
PostgreSQL as storage and to make sure my data are normalized and 
sanitized (a matter of taste I quess). When my usage grows (like having 
more than one table in one rest entity, like Your car entity) I build 
this in to the server (to keep business logic in the backend alone), as 
dojo data easily can hold complex data. I can access my entityies using 
both REST and normal json rpc, which is wery handy and easy to manage 
and understand.

This brings a lot of benefit to the way I can handle and present data, 
and it makes it possible for me to use multiple presentations (dojo, 
batch or mobile) on the same data. And last but not least, it a model 
that makes growing easy to manage, as the backend (server) grows slowly 
and using another pace and GUI grows faster and I can make experiments 
there without risking my night sleep :-)

So I would recommend using the SERVER model in combination with the 
APPLICATION model, and add JSON-RPC as the extra glue, and make an 
effort to keep presentation and business logic apart.
> Any help would be _immensely_ appreciated!
I hope this is a bit useful to You :-)


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