[Dojo-interest] Do widgets expose inheritance chain?

Eugene Lazutkin eugene.lazutkin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 15:09:06 EDT 2010

Yes. Any dojo.declare()d class has a _meta property on its constructor.
The list of bases is in your_constructor_function._meta.bases.



On 6/21/10 12:05 PM, Rob Weiss wrote:
> I need to determine if the widget I am instanciating inherits from
> another class, in this case _templated because I need to call startup
> manually on these widgets.
> Is there an array that contains the values supplied to the declare,
> basically the contents of the "mixin"?
> I have not been able to find an array with this info down the dijit base
> chain....
> TIA,
> Rob.
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