[Dojo-interest] Adding event on click of Accordion @Jishnu

Rob Weiss j105.rob at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 08:27:15 EDT 2010

The other message got bounced due to size. Here is the demo attached as a
zip file.

My comments from earlier bounced message:

Again, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. All of my dojo
widgets follow a design pattern that allows them to listen or talk to other
widgets on the page based on user interactions. I also use pub/sub to
dynamically load widgets on the page when needed as dispose of them after
they no longer have a use in the context of what the user is doing.

I have created for you a simple page demonstrating how to utilize pub/sub to
change the content of a content pane on a page based on which accordion tab
(title) they click on. While it may not solve your exact need, it will show
you the basic wiring of pub/sub and should be easily adaptable to your
situation. I hope this can help with your problem.
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