[Dojo-interest] Whats wrong with this JSON Format?

DanielEricLee daniel.eric.lee at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 22:10:34 EDT 2010

I was thinking that you would want to set hierarchical to false. I stumbled
on this same topic when using the ItemFileReadStore. If hierarchial is true,
then all nested objects in your JSON will be treated as items. (In your
example, those 'manager' objects would become first-class 'items' in the
store). Often times, you only want the 'top-level' objects to be the items
in the store. This is what setting hierarchical to false will do.

In regards to caching, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. The
ItemFileRead/Write Stores are kind of a 'one and done' store where the
entire dataset is fetched and stored. Other stores allow for more finely
grained control of what data is fetched and when. Maybe you could provide a
little more insight and we could help you solve the caching problem.

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> Hi Daniel,
> I think I was experiencing some strange cacheing issue? I tried to use you
> hierarchal = true suggestion and that did not work, so I then decided to
> alter the JSON format and remove some of the nested sets, suddenly the grid
> rendered correctly. I then tried to backtrack until I identified the issue
> with the JSON, but got back to my original JSON - and now the rendering
> still works? Strange as the issue was occuring on two different browsers....
> Thanks for the response however, it was useful to know the issue was with
> the JSON Store rather then the Grid. BTW, is there a way to prevent JSON
> caching in these controls? Im sending no-cache to the browser in the header,
> but maybe I need to tell Dojo also not to cache?
> Colm
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