[Dojo-interest] Help needed: making the Dojo 1.5 release great

Rob Weiss j105.rob at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 07:58:55 EDT 2010


I am interested. I work 8 hours a day with Dojo developing a large
open source project. I have been keeping my notes since I am
transitioning from the C# .Net world into a more heavyweight front end
world and I will need to train my team of developers (~4) on how to
build apps using this toolkit.

I am brand new to open source development but have been a software
engineer for 20 years and I just turned 40.... I mostly focus on
scientific distributed processing, forcasting models and expert
systems, but have recently needed to put together some cool front ends
to these systems. - my boss picked Dojo, since I had no idea what to

Our project is called KARMA and it is up on Software.Forge.mil; it's
open source so if you are able to participate (proper credentials
required; ECA Cert or CAC), feel free to have a look. The app is made
up of ~60 widgets utilizing most of the toolkit's features and the
back end is LAMP. We are currently still in alpha, but looking to move
toward beta soon.

We are currently usnig 1.4.2, but I am sure that I can convince my
boss to allow us to go to 1.5. I'll ask today and hit you back off


On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 7:44 AM, Dylan Schiemann <dylan at dojotoolkit.org> wrote:
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> Dear Dojo community,
> As most everyone knows, we're getting close to the Dojo 1.5 release.
> There's a lot to be done to make it great.  If you have extra time in
> the next few weeks to pitch in and help, here's where we need it most:
> * testing, patching.  We need help testing Dojo in every browser, and
> within your application.  We need bug reports with test cases for things
> that are broken, and we need help fixing things that don't work.  We
> especially have issues with Safari 5 on the desktop, and with the iPad.
> * documentation and release notes.  If we're missing items in the
> release notes, we need to add them.  We need to review, refine, and
> update the docs.
> * demos/tutorials.  We need many high quality demos showing off the
> breadth and depth of Dojo in extremely high quality.  The goal is to
> have 150 (for 1.5.0) great features shown off in a collection of demos.
>  We would like each demo to be accompanied with a tutorial explaining
> how it works.  I have a lengthy list of ideas, or suggest your own.
> * integration guides.  We're looking for short guides that show people
> how to get started using Dojo in environment X, where X is the various
> server-side frameworks, etc.
> * case studies.  If you are using Dojo in your app, and want to show it
> off, we'd like to hear your story, interview you, show off the app, etc.
> * blogs/articles. Blog posts explaining new features, or showing off the
> power of Dojo, are greatly appreciated.  Also authoring articles for
> popular tutorial sites, etc.
> * sponsors.  If anyone wants to sponsor work on this release through the
> form of a cash donation, or donation of prizes for contributions, please
> contact me off-list ( dylan at sitepen dot com ).
> * resources.  Organizing and collecting references to third-party
> resources... basically organizing the metadata so we can put together
> something like the old key links, but in a more maintainable way.
> * performance.  Running useful performance metrics (updated task speed
> tests, as well as getting us into the latest SlickSpec,
> http://mootools.net/slickspec/SlickSpec/ )
> * web site.  We need help from anyone interested in assisting with site
> content, graphics, css refinements, etc.  We also need help going
> through the old site, determining what content is useful, and help
> porting it to the new site.  And of course feature development and testing.
> * user survey.  For the 1.5 release, we'd like to conduct a user survey
> asking which version of Dojo they use, if they'll upgrade (or what's
> blocking them), seeing if they want to be featured on the site,
> determining what frustrations they have, and where we should focus most
> for the next release.  So we need help creating the survey questions and
> then getting the word out so we get useful answers.
> * organizing.  Help organizing small teams around all of the items above.
> How to get involved:
> I expect us to assemble into small focused teams/groups to make this
> happen. I don't really want to flood this mailing list with responses,
> but since we're all here, I suggest that responding here with what you
> are interested in helping with, and then we'll organize into groups
> using something more logical, whether that's a wiki or wave or trac or
> whatever is immaterial.
> Thanks:
> To show our appreciation for your assistance, everyone will receive a
> new Dojo t-shirt with the new Dojo logo on it as well as a mention on
> the site. I'll also see about securing more substantial prizes or
> sponsorships (ideally iPads, Android devices, or things of comparable
> substance as top prizes).
> Regards,
> - -Dylan
> Dylan Schiemann
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