[Dojo-interest] DataGrid: empty row every after rowsPerPage rows

Martin Jakobi mj at tdb.de
Mon Jun 7 05:53:47 EDT 2010


>One way you may try - though not ideally - make the content rows not
wrapped e.g. overriding .dojoxGridCell { white-space:nowrap !important; }

This workaround doesn't work for me due to some necessary "multi rowed"
headers or the cell content itself.
I've modified some settings (".dojoxGridHeader .dojoxGridCell",
".dojoxGridCell", ".tundra .dojoxGridRow", etc.) but at least one value
(header or cell or "empty row") is mismatched.

So, I do not use "rowHeight"...

Thanks for your help,

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