[Dojo-interest] Latest test versions?

Mike Wilcox mwilcox at sitepen.com
Sat Jul 18 11:30:13 EDT 2009

By trunk we mean downloading the very latest code from SVN.


To do an anonymous, read-only checkout of the Dojo development trunk:
svn co http://svn.dojotoolkit.org/src/view/anon/all/trunk dojotoolkit

The code change you are looking for is in dojo/gfx/svg.js line 231. It  
should be this:


	r.setAttribute("fill", "none");


In FF, if you fill the node, it won't show the image. The fix is  
obviously to not fill image nodes.  If you wish, you could edit your  
copy of dojo with this line of code and it should work.

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On Jul 18, 2009, at 10:19 AM, James W Cooper wrote:

> Noting that surface.createImage does not work on Firefox 3.5 I asked  
> if
> there was a trunk version where it did work?
> While the answer I go was "yes," I can't find where these are hidden  
> any
> more. Latest release is 1.3.2 and I find nothing beyond that.
> Where do I look?
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