[Dojo-interest] [Q]DataGrid -- empty editable row without ItemFileStore

V S P toreason at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 10 03:59:39 UTC 2009

The situation is:

I have a Data Grid, editable with ItemFileWriteStore attached.

I would like a user to see an Editable Row (as the first row) such
that user can enter data in there, and when the first element
is entered than the grid would add the new row to the data store.

So there are two things
a) an editable row with no data in it
b) that row should not be in the ItemFileWRite store -- until a
modification is made.

is this some how doable/possible?

How do you guys allow a user to enter data into the grid?  I did not
see any dojo example where Data Grid is entered by user -- all of them
are programmitcally created from somewhere.

I currenty have an Add button that creates a raw in ItemFileStore
and fields there contain '....'  (which is also not valid for many cell
data types -- but I do not know of any other way).  

It is very inconvinient, however, because if the user clicks add button
the raw is in the ItemFileStore but not with valid values -- and that
presents a number of problems later on (because I have to have logic
that detects those special rows in in item file write store and then
removes them on commits)

thanks in advance
  V S P
  toreason at fastmail.fm

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