[Dojo-interest] Iframe upload example

Mike Wilcox mwilcox at sitepen.com
Wed Apr 29 06:36:44 EDT 2009

You can look at FileUploader or FileInputAuto for examples on how to  
handle iframes. There are some nutty IE workarounds.

The new version of FileUploader will work in a dialog. It should be in  
the trunk this weekend if that helps.

Mike Wilcox
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On Apr 29, 2009, at 4:32 AM, Filip Wirefors wrote:

> Hi there, I'm having some trouble to get a dojo.io.iframe upload to  
> work in IE.
> I've been trying all sort of fixes but I always seem to get problems  
> in some version of IE.
> Currently the problem is that IE fails to get the response.
> (I tried the dojox FileUploader but couldnt get it to work in a  
> dialog, so I would prefer a solution using dojo.io.iframe)
> So, is there anyone out there with a working example of a  
> dojo.io.iframe upload?
> Thanks!
> Filip
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