[Dojo-interest] ContentPanes inside a custom widget won't render properly

jmansej jmansej at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 05:12:30 EDT 2009

Michael Schuerig wrote:
> On Saturday 25 April 2009, jmansej wrote:
>> I am struggling a little bit with incorrect rendering of ContenPanes
>> inside a bordercontainer. The bordercontainer is ok, it spans across
>> the whole window, however 3 contenpanes inside a bordercontainer
>> don't, rendering them only as wide as their content is. I would like
>> them to span the whole window as well.
>> The sample code form customWidget.js:
> [...]
> Why are you using dijit._Templated, but then nevertheless create all the 
> structure of your widget in postCreate? Why not either dispense with the 
> template and create everything in postCreate or put the dijits, via 
> dojoType, directly in the template (don't forget widgetsInTemplate: 
> true)? I'd see a point in doing part in the template and another in 
> postCreate if the postCreate part is dynamic or otherwise unwieldy.
> I'm just curious and the above is not meant as advise, I don't yet know 
> my way around well enough for that. In fact I'm struggling myself with a 
> similar problem right now where a DataGrid doesn't show at all.
> Michael
Actually what I've found out is that after the page is loaded 
(contentpane still render improperly) and subsequently I resize FF 
window, the contentpanes suddenly render just fine. It looks like dojo 
takes notice of window being resized and acts accordingly. How to force 
it to get it right at first try?

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