[Dojo-interest] Problem handling a form inside a dijit.Dialog

Jochen Luig jochen.luig at skytel.de
Wed Apr 22 07:46:36 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have a dijit.Dialog containing several dijit.form.* widgets. When the
Dialog is shown, the form widgets' values shall be set. Currently I'm
trying to do it this way:

pre_values = { foo: "bar", baz: "qux") };
that.keywords.dialog.attr('value', pre_values);

this _does_ actually work but only "from the second time on". That
means, the first time the connected event fires, the above lines seem to
have no effect. After that, it does what I want every time the dialog is
Neither do I know where to look for the error nor could I work around
this by calling dialog.show(), dialog.hide() and dialog.show() again
after the above or any other way I've tried for that matter. Can anyone
please tell me why this might happen and how to get around this?
(I'm using dojo 1.2.2)



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