[Dojo-interest] NumberTextFields working in a DataGrid in 1.3?

Devine, James james.devine at fmr.com
Thu Apr 16 11:41:22 EDT 2009

In Dojo 1.2.3, you used to be able to do this to create a validation
field in a Grid:
{field: 'Number', name: 'num', 
editor: dojox.grid.editors.Dijit, editorClass:
"dijit.form.NumberTextBox", constraint: {min:1,max:5}}

In Dojo 1.3, this seems to have changed.  I am trying this:
{field: 'Number', name: 'num',
editor: dojox.grid.cells.Dijit, editable: true, editorClass:
"dijit.form.NumberTextBox", constraint: {min:1, max:5}}	

In 1.3, I can edit the cell, but there is no validation performed.  I
must be missing something simple.  

Any ideas?  Also, has anyone found any good 1.3 DataGrid documentation?

Thanks in advance,

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