[Dojo-interest] Many 1.2 DataGrid tests fail on IE7 after SVN update

V S P toreason at fastmail.fm
Sun Aug 31 04:22:17 UTC 2008

Could not figure out for a while if I had added some bad code
in my app.

But today after SVN update,
I cannot run many of dojox.DataGrid tests
on IE7

For example:


In almost of all the scenarios clicking on a column header
or resizing a column with a handle or a border container (if exists)
will cause errors in IE7.

FF and Safari also do not look right (when resizing columns
where editable='true') -- but at least they do not error out
for example: test_edit_dijit.html

Just an FYI -- in case you are running into problems with IE7...
Hopefully I am not the only one seeing them

  V S P
  toreason at fastmail.fm

http://www.fastmail.fm - Or how I learned to stop worrying and
                          love email again

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