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V S P toreason at fastmail.fm
Thu Aug 28 00:57:55 UTC 2008

I am a newbie myself in web programming

but have been doing non-web development for about 18 years.
(and 14 of them professionally)

I find that dojo mimics quite well a typicall 
Rich gui application frameworks such as wxWindows -- or even more so 

If you are familiar with Signal/slot concept that is used
in today's C++ UI frameworks, dojo is very similar

and I think the book you are referring handles those explanations
quite well.

A book that I use now is Dojo the definitive guide.  It is quite
usefull -- but I have in designed out already all the concepts
as far as what are my Models, what are Viewes and what are Controllers

I also have designed out 
how I get the data from the server (and it takes some iteration -- does
happen right a way)

I do not think there is a particular Dojo book on those things --
they are not dojo specific.

An example of Dojo on 'major' site Apple's store.
They use dojo 0.4.  The newer version of dojo as far as I am concerned
are light years ahead of 0.4

Another one is (but as major in terms of name) -- pretty nifty as far as
is curehunter.com

Many people when they try book examples run into errors due to 
some trickery needed to get browsers like FF3 to load the 'file' based
java scripts.  I typically download an example -- and just modify the 
code to point to my versio of dojo source files.

Another thing that people get scared about is the size of dojo -- and
it all gets loaded, but for production system you would typically use
Dojo's build tool and dojo shrink -- to 'chunck out' and 'shrink' only
the pieces that one needs.

I am far from finishing my project but sofar I found no need to deep
into any
other library to do anything else.

I setup OO classes,  inheritance, data structures, signals/slots,
ansyncronious cross domain
calls, data drives for JSON input files -- all using dojo's functions.

And of course -- all the widgets are there.  A data grid where a cell
can be
most of the form widgets in dojo is there too (at least it will be dojo
1.2 --
Little later I want to do some additional encryption of some data -- and
has stuff for encrypt/decrypt as well.

So sofar I have not found a need to download any additonal java script

again the above are just my opinions,
and I am not a web guru by any means.

I am sure if you would have a specific question or just
wanted to bounce of an approach -- you will get more specific

hope the above is of some use,

On Wed, 27 Aug 2008 16:59:51 -0700, "Matthew Shirey" <mshirey at gmail.com>
> I need to design and develop a large RIA and I'd like to use Dojo since
> I've
> used it a bit in the past.  But I have had trouble finding examples of
> large
> application designs using Dojo.  I'd like to design this application to
> load
> in a single page.  In the past I've just added Dojo to many individual
> pages
> to improve their functionality, but now I'd like to tackle a more thought
> out and advanced design.  I found one such framework in a book titled
> "Mastering Dojo" from the Pragmatic Bookshelf.  Unfortunately the sample
> code included contains many errors and the ideas behind the design of the
> framework are poorly described and difficult to understand.
> Could someone shove me in the right direction?  I'm open to any ideas at
> this point.
> Thank you,
> -- Matthew
  V S P
  toreason at fastmail.fm

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