[Dojo-interest] I'm missing onOpen/onClose events for dijit tree

Jette Derriche jni at nerdgirl.dk
Wed Aug 27 08:35:29 UTC 2008

I was looking at this page:

When nodes in the first tree are expanded/collapsed, the event is logged
in the console log.

I also need to capture these events, so I added them to my tree, but
they are completely ignored. I had a look at Tree.js and found out, that
the onOpen and onClose events are completely missing from my version of
Dojo which is 1.1.1.

Since I am a desperate woman, I just downloaded the Tree.js from the
above location. It was unsuccessful, to say the least...

Can anyone tell me how to implement onOpen and onClose events for my
dijit trees?


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