[Dojo-interest] refresh the tree after DnD a root node into a sublevel node

oximoron oximoron at alinto.com
Tue Aug 26 15:20:21 UTC 2008

Hello all,
I'm playing with a DnD forestModelTree.

I can DnD all the nodes I want to another place and everything's fine...
when I drag a root node to a sublevel node, the properties are well updated,
in particular
the property 'type' used for the query param (query="{type:'level_0'}"), 
but in the case of a root node moved, it stays also as a root node (like a
Its property 'type' is well updated so it shouldn't appear anymore as a root
node but it does!

So I guess I have to tell my tree to 're-query/refresh' the structure..

How can I do that?

you can see my point here:
http://www.antidot.be/kenny/test_dojo/dojo_tree_dnd.php (ie if you drag the
node 'precare' to a sublevel node)

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