[Dojo-interest] Advice wanted regarding IE and "operation aborted" error

Dongsu Jang dsjang at thinkfree.com
Fri Aug 22 01:31:28 UTC 2008


I'd got a similar error message.
In my case,
XHTML style of base tag (<base href="..." />) cause the error on 
IE6(whether XHTML DTD was declared or not).
old HTML4 style of base tag(<base href="..."></base>) works well.

Jette Derriche 쓴 글:
> I am using dojo 1.1.1 and it has worked very well on our website up til
> now. But lately (the last week) we have been getting support mails from
> people using WinXP/IE6 saying that they have difficulties loading
> specific pages. They are getting this error:
> "Internet Explorer can not open the Internet site. Operation aborted"
> I guess most of you are familiar with that one...
> We have converted all our tooltips to dijit.tooltips lately, and this
> may be the reason some IE browsers are throwing up.
> I've looked up this problem on the net, and found several causes of this
> problem:
> - A Skype addon 
> - Using the <base> tag prior to dojo <script> tags in the header
> - Using <script> tags between <body></body> that edits content before
> the page is fully loaded.
> - Requiring modules in the header that uses document.write()
> ... and there is probably more reasons for the "Operation aborted" error
> in IE.
> I am not using the <base> tag, and I have moved any scripts between
> <body></body> to the end of the page (just before </body>). But some
> people still have problems. One user got it working, after we removed
> require("dijit.Tooltip") from the header. But this of cause disables all
> tooltips on that particular page. The tooltips work fine on other pages.
> It is extremely difficult for me to debug this, since the error is not
> persistent in all IE6 browsers. The IE6 I have, works fine.
> If anyone have any experience with this IE error, I would very much like
> to hear from you. Especially if you can advice me on how to place dojo
> <script> tags the best way. Should I move the require(*) part away from
> the header? Should I add the 'defer' attribute in script tags? Anything
> you can tell me is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks :-)
> King regards,
> Jette Derriche
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