[Dojo-interest] Advice wanted regarding IE and "operation aborted" error

Jette Derriche jni at nerdgirl.dk
Thu Aug 21 12:31:38 UTC 2008

I am using dojo 1.1.1 and it has worked very well on our website up til
now. But lately (the last week) we have been getting support mails from
people using WinXP/IE6 saying that they have difficulties loading
specific pages. They are getting this error:

"Internet Explorer can not open the Internet site. Operation aborted"

I guess most of you are familiar with that one...

We have converted all our tooltips to dijit.tooltips lately, and this
may be the reason some IE browsers are throwing up.

I've looked up this problem on the net, and found several causes of this

- A Skype addon 
- Using the <base> tag prior to dojo <script> tags in the header
- Using <script> tags between <body></body> that edits content before
the page is fully loaded.
- Requiring modules in the header that uses document.write()

... and there is probably more reasons for the "Operation aborted" error
in IE.

I am not using the <base> tag, and I have moved any scripts between
<body></body> to the end of the page (just before </body>). But some
people still have problems. One user got it working, after we removed
require("dijit.Tooltip") from the header. But this of cause disables all
tooltips on that particular page. The tooltips work fine on other pages.

It is extremely difficult for me to debug this, since the error is not
persistent in all IE6 browsers. The IE6 I have, works fine.

If anyone have any experience with this IE error, I would very much like
to hear from you. Especially if you can advice me on how to place dojo
<script> tags the best way. Should I move the require(*) part away from
the header? Should I add the 'defer' attribute in script tags? Anything
you can tell me is greatly appreciated.

Thanks :-)

King regards,
Jette Derriche

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