[Dojo-interest] Bug with Menu.css (manifests in grid columndisablement)

Dylan Tynan tynan at cadence.com
Mon Aug 4 20:14:56 UTC 2008

Did anyone catch my prior email (below)?   Fairly sure this is a bug
(very easy to fix)...


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	I believe there's a bug with dijit/themes/soria/Menu.css (and
the nihilo version also).  It's referring to a background image with the
filename "spriteCheckBox.gif" (note the cap 'B').  That file only exists
in lowercase-b form like "spriteCheckbox.gif" I believe.  Firebug, of
course, shows an error retrieving said file on Unixy systems.  Note that
a completely different file, Checkbox.css, does refer to the lowercase
'b' version (so I assume Menu.css is probably the one in error).
	FYI - I'm seeing this error cause a problem in a soria or
nihilo-themed grid, using column disablement, where I don't see any
checkboxes next to the column name from a right-click on the headers ...
disable/enable still works, just no checkbox.
	ps - As always, I'm using the very latest nightly code ...
because I like to occasionally see someone's bugs other than my own ;-)
	Dylan Tynan

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